AJE Component of the Month – April Reveal

by Perri Jackson on 04/30/2014

Art Jewelry Elements – April Reveal - Thea Jewellery

I was really jazzed to learn I had been chosen as a guest contributor for the COM – I am simply won over with all of the lovely little pieces of sweetness made by Lesley Watt at Thea Jewellery. It is warm fuzzy feelings every darn time I see them – they touch a child's long ago memories in me. The color palette, the shapes everything. All evocative of a place I had all but forgotten and wish I could visit one more time. 

I was sent a lovely little button type bead/charm with a fern-like motif. I had already formed a few ideas before I got it, but once it arrived, all of those went out the window – and I knew that a hint of my days as a small child hunting fossils with my mom, along with the small 'fossil' imprint on the bead had to be incorporated and remembered. 

Art Jewelry Elements BraceletI made a little copper woven something I call the Labyrinth Clasp, because the button closure needs to travel along the inner path to stay secure. I sort of reminds me of ancient labyrinth stone carvings, and fit into the ancient/fossilized theme.  Wove together some leather and glass beads, then popped in a cute little button rose for a touch of femininity and contrast. Finally, I added the Thea Jewellery button as a clasp to tie it all together. 
Thhe finished bracelet is shown on my 'other' inspiration for the bracelet a totally cool fossil shell my mom and I found way back when. I love how the old and new blend together.

I hope you will visit all of the contributors to the Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month  - they have some serious inspiration for you!


Johana Nunez
Leah Curtis
Perri Jackson

AJE Team
Lesley Watt
Keirsten Giles
Caroline Dewison
Rebekah Payne
Jjenny Davies-Reazor
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Linda Landig
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