Biker Chain Chic Ring Tutorial


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Lots of texture and technique make this wire and bead ring a beauty! The base is adapted to wire from a well-known beading stitch: Right Angle Weave (RAW) The rest is pure wired goodness!

A few of the techniques you will learn in the 26 pages and over 80 FULL COLOR PHOTOS in this tutorial:

  • How to create RAW in wire neatly, closely, and repeatable without mangling or hardening the wire.

  • How to get wire through very small spaces and channels without kinking or breaking it.

  • How to keep your work close and tight, yet still create room to manipulate the wire.

  • Methods for finishing your work neatly and virtually invisibly. (This is THE KEY to professionally finished wirework.)

  • There is a Bonus mini tutorial inside: How to use Liver of Sulfur (LOS) to bring out the detail in your wirework. 

  • And MUCH, MUCH more 

You'll get comprehensive instruction, a massive number of TIPS and TRICKS, tons of photos that are still useful when blown up to 400%,  – all the information and thoroughness people have come to expect from Shaktipaj Designs tutorials..

MOST IMPORTANTLY, you'll get explanations of WHY you do things – not just a set of instructions to blindly follow. You learn  techniques to use with CONFIDENCE.

My goal is YOUR SUCCESS – there is no way I would offer you any less….

This project tutorial is listed as an ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE project due to the design skill needed to adapt it to the individual, but has enough pictures and text that those with strong INTERMEDIATE skills can challenge themselves successfully.

A student will benefit most if they have a complete understanding of **at least** intermediate wire wrapping skills. It is assumed that you possess at least the basics of simple wrapped coils in small gauges, simple turned loops, and appropriate round wire handling.

All this is just a click away….

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