Soutache Chain CloseUp

by Perri Jackson on 03/12/2011

Chains, anyone? This is an extreme close up of the chain on the labradorite pendant. It is actually only a quarter of an inch wide. This shows both sides of the chain – the back is on top in this pic. This is made by fashioning a continuous wire into a braid, then flush cutting it in specific places. Notice that it is slightly domed which is insurance that there are no edges to contend with. I can attest to this – it passed the sleep test 3 nights straight with no scratches on my neck.
You can see the links are not soldered, but they hold really well, even though the wire is somewhat fine – 24g. It also has incredible movement – see the traces of brighter copper on the back? Those are where the patina has worn off when the links move past each other.

The chain is roughly 18 inches long. Yes, quite a bit of work – over 160 links – but worth it. This done in the main Soutache variation pattern, but could just as easily be done in the Soutache Calypso pattern. It looks more like a classic ‘S’ chain done that way.
I’ve got the instructions for this and about 7 other Soutache projects ready – now for the other 10, LOL.

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